For as long as anyone can remember, Old Oak has been a place you go around: a large patch of unsightly and under used land.

We think it could be so much more.

  • Modern stadiums are used for more than just football - shops, conferences and community events
  • A place for all to enjoy shops, restaurants and leisure facilities
  • Relocating existing businesses and providing space for new ones
  • More local jobs and apprenticeships
  • Good connections, helping improve local transport and roads for everyone
  • New homes
  • Environmental improvements
  • Delivered by a local club with deep roots in the community

Q: Why does QPR need a new stadium?

QPR’s current stadium at Loftus Road – at 18,000 capacity – is the smallest stadium in the Premier League and one of the smallest of any major club. The club has ambitions to be an established Premier League club, and it needs a stadium that reflects those ambitions. Loftus Road cannot be expanded because there isn’t enough space, so we need to look elsewhere.

Q: Why Old Oak?

QPR has been in the area for over 100 years and even though it has moved several times during that period, it has always been in this part of West London. We want to remain here and close to our fans, and Old Oak is the only land nearby big enough to build a new stadium. Old Oak is the next natural move for the club, bringing it closer to its original home of Queen’s Park.

Q: How big will the stadium be?

The stadium will have 40,000 seats.

Q: Will the stadium host just football?

No, the stadium will be multi-purpose, hosting not just football, but corporate and community events.

Q: Why move now?

The Club needs to move to a new stadium as soon as possible to secure its long term future. The opportunity for the stadium to provide a catalyst for the wider regeneration of Old Oak provides a compelling logic.

Q: How will the community benefit?

Our plans will bring new homes, jobs, community facilities, improved transport connections and a better environment for everyone to enjoy.

Q: What will happen to the existing stadium at Loftus Road?

Once the new stadium is built and open, we will look to redevelop Loftus Road for other uses. Any plans would be worked up in consultation with the local community.

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